FCC Kids

One of the great honors of First Christian Church is the role we play in shaping the faith of the next generation.  FCC Kids is our primary ministry for helping children 0-5th grade take their next step closer to Christ.

Our Approach

We believe that God created the family to be the most influential faith-shaper in a child's life.  For that reason, we see the primary purpose of FCC Kids as supplemental to those family-based efforts.  We also understand that not every parent or grandparent feels confident in teaching the Bible to their little ones.  That is why, every Sunday, FCC Kids teaches a Bible based lesson based on "The Gospel Project" curriculum by Lifeway Publishing.  These lessons focus on teaching what scripture has to say, as well as the overall story and message of the Bible.  Then we equip YOU with activity sheets, discussion guides, and fun ideas designed to reinforce what was taught on Sunday.  We want to empower you fulfill your God-given calling--to help your children and grandchildren take their next step closer to Christ!

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Safety Check In

We want to make sure that your child is safe during their time with us.  That's why each FCC Kids session begins by stopping by our secure check-in kids desk.  Here you will receive a name sticker for your child.  We also want to ensure each child goes home with the right adult, so at the check-in desk you will also receive a corresponding check-out ticket for you to hang onto.  After check-in, your child will go to their age-appropriate classroom, where they will be warmly greeted by their teacher.

What To Expect

When class begins, the passage of the day will be introduced through a short activity, before all of our k-5th grade classes gather together for worship and an engaging video-driven lesson.  During this time, our nursery and preschool classes remain in their designated areas to engage in their own fun activities.

After the large-group session, students return to their classrooms where their teachers lead discussion, activities, and unique ways that your child can live out the biblical message they have heard that day.

After the adult worship gathering has concluded, stop by your child's classroom and present the ticket that you received at the check-in desk.  Your child should have take-home materials that you can use throughout the week to help build their growing faith.